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Warrick County Commissioner District # 2

Marlin Weisheit



Marlin Weisheit is a lifelong resident of Warrick County, having graduated from Tecumseh High School in 1969 and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1992. He and his wife Shannon have been married for 39 years with one daughter, Misty, who lives in Lynnville, with her husband Tom Perry and their son Conner and daughter Kennedy. Marlin grew up on a small farm and was always active in 4-H. He worked for Essex Wire in Boonville for nine years, then began working for Peabody Coal Company in Lynnville where he retired after fifteen years.

He served nearly fifteen years in the Warrick County Sheriff’s Department, including over four years as Chief Deputy of the department. In that capacity, he helped to administer the department, wrote various grant proposals, supervised all departmental levels, and worked on numerous investigations. Marlin served on the Warrick County Drug Free Council, acting as chairman of the Law Enforcement Committee. While on the Domestic Violence Task Force, he served as treasurer and helped write and obtain the first grant for a coordinator’s position.

Chief Weisheit worked on the Governor’s Council on Dangerous and Impaired Driving, setting up classes for field sobriety testing, and was instrumental in Warrick County receiving twenty five portable breath testers, at no cost to the county. He was also responsible for writing the grant that enabled the department to purchase radars and in-car video cameras.

In 1999, Marlin went back working “on the road”, outside of the office setting. His experience working as both an officer and a manager has enabled him to see first hand how all of the different offices in Warrick County interact. Having worked in both capacities has given him valuable insights to all levels of Warrick County government.

Marlin continued his law enforcement career in April of 2008 when he was appointed Chief of Police for the Chandler Police Department. During his time as chief, he has had many accomplishments. Chief Weisheit has gotten the department five new police vehicles bringing the Town’s total to eight. He has equipped all vehicles with their own laptops, written and obtained several grants, and greatly improved training for the officers including: firearms, defense tactics, and emergency vehicle operations. He has successfully restructured the department equipping them with new gun holsters, bullet proof vests, cameras, and in-car equipment. Most importantly, Marlin has increased the quality and number of investigations solved, and has enforced a new strict drug policy that has made a huge impact in the community. He also hired a highly qualified, state certified instructor which improved department standards.

For his service as a Deputy, in 2002, Marlin received the award of “Officer Of The Year” by the Warrick County FOP. He is also a member of the Masonic Lodge # 396 in Lynnville. After retiring from the Sheriff’s Department, Marlin continues to serve on the Merit Board as an appointee of the Warrick County Sheriff’s Deputies. Marlin’s record of accomplishments, his work ethic, and his personal values accurately reflect his ongoing dedication to serving all the citizens of Warrick County.


Marlin’s main goal as Warrick County Commissioner is to repair and maintain a positive working relationship with both the County Council and Commissioners. Without a constructive working relationship the Commissioners would be unable to make the productive decisions needed to serve the citizens of Warrick County.

Another major goal Marlin will accomplish is to build a better relationship between all county agencies and departments (ie. Sheriff’s Dept, County Garage, County Council, EMA, EMS, etc.)

Additionally Marlin will work to promote Economic Development, the maintenance of county roads, properties and buildings, and he will work closely on all drainage projects within the county. Finally, he will also work with all Emergency Services personnel in the county to insure the safety of all our citizens

Chief Weisheit also feels that his nearly fifteen years experience in the Warrick County Sheriff’s Department has given him a huge advantage over his opponent. His experience interacting with the various agencies gives him the advantage in knowing the vast talent and potential within each of Warrick County’s departments.

Warrick County is a great place to work and raise a family, and while every place has its problems, Marlin believes that solving these problems can be accomplished by working together. He is especially appreciative of the number of citizens who have already contacted him with positive support and feedback. He also wants to hear from you!

He believes that one person can make a difference and that one vote can be important. Most importantly he would appreciate your vote on November 2nd and together we will make a difference.


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